Neutrality And The Fair

-meaning of the fair, argument by Conrad

There were two worlds in the year of 1939.

A film by Sean

One was the world of reality. In this world, the democracies, most notably Great Britain and France, were struggling to keep Hitler from starting the Second World War. The other world was one of fantasy. This world was the 1939 World’s Fair in New York, and it represented the future that America wanted for the world.

A film by Conrad

Because of Hitler’s belligerent intentions, it was inevitable that the two worlds would collide. A country could not exist in both worlds and remain stable. If a country took part in the fair, it would have to cut ties with the world of reality and fully invest in the world of fantasy. However, Hitler’s actions made this difficult for most countries, and impossible for others. Some countries realized that, despite the lure of the fantasy in America, there was a real problem to deal with in Europe, and they chose to return their focus towards a solution to that problem. This contest between the worlds over participating countries caused the collision of the World’s Fair and the European reality.

A film by David


-meaning of The Fair, by John

1939 was a year of transitions. The world saw a dramatic power shift in Europe as Germany expanded into Czechoslovakia and Poland and challenged the power of Great Britain and France. Chamberlain and other officials in the British and French governments were unable to deter Hitler with appeasement. At the same time, the United States remained isolationist and its people worked to improve a suffering economy. American citizens and people from around the world visited the World’s Fair in New York City to escape from their troubles. However, the Fair served as a reminder of the changing world rather than an escape from it. The changes that took place in the planning stages of the Fair reflected the new world order pursued by Nazi Germany. Industrial and technological advances showcased by various companies indicated a transition from the hard times of the Great Depression to a more prosperous era. Futurama and Democracity signified a new way of life for American citizens in clean and well-organized cities. The World’s Fair suggests that 1939 is a year full of change and reflects many of the transitions in its own content.



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