Women and The Fair

-meaning of The Fair, by Eva

The Fair symbolized the rebirth of the phoenix, in that the Fair aimed to be a rebirth of the glory of America. In this metaphor, the Fair focused on the values of the country: peace, progress, prosperity, and the four freedoms.

A film by Eva

-meaning of The Fair, by Eva

The Fair centered on industry and all the technological progress the American country had made. But, the Fair also exhibited the progress made in social equality as well. There was still racism and sexism present in this time period, but the Fair offered a small escape from this as well as the international troubles. Women were given opportunities to seek leadership positions, and a place to work. Helen Astor, the chairwoman of the Committee of Women’s Participation, gathered women to work in the exhibits and also to serve as tour guides. In this respect, woman were given equal treatment to men. There were also the beginnings of racial equality movements, as shown by Negro Week. The African America had a place to display their culture openly. In reality, they would be criticized, but in the utopia of the Fair the differences in race were celebrated. Having these new social ideas present in the fair sets an example for others to adopt them in everyday life.

A film by Rachel

-meaning of The Fair, by Rachel

In conclusion, many would consider the New York World’s Fair a great success in ensuring a vision of peace and prosperity for the world. However, after looking at the obvious struggle to accept Nazi Germany, disagreements regarding political ideals were rampant throughout the event. Predictably, these attitudes mirrored those throughout Europe as tensions were raised, trusts were broken, and peace was severed, launching World War II.

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